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Remember Past Kindness

Source:互满爱人与人中国Date:2018-02-12 15:39:46Click:211

Author: Qu Me Ling Ga


It was a sunny day on February 12, 2018. We drove to Gaguo Village in Tuojue Town and Heimenzi Village in Buer Township, Butuo County for work as countryside councilor. The two villages are under the jurisdiction of Butuo County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. With the uneven distribution of water resources and natural condition such as the drought in the recent years, together with the immigration and relocation, the livelihoods of villagers are greatly threatened by the lack of access to drinking water and water born disease which is especially serious among children. Therefore, the "Water Sharing" Project initiated by the employees of Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd. will work together with HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE in solving the problem of drinking water for the local villagers. The project not only searches for water source, tests water quality, builds water reservoir, introduces pipe into the household, etc., but also builds toilets and garbage pools in two villages, distributes vegetables and chickens (hens) for farmers, and even trains villagers with health, environmental protection and safe drinking water knowledge, planting and breeding techniques, and food cooking methods.


Drinking Water Project Site

After more than an hour's drive, we arrived at the site of reservoir. The project was nearly finished after 10 months of operation. I was a little moved by the repaired pool and the flourishing trees planted around it to prevent landslides. Standing by the pool, I could hear clearly the sound of water flowing from the source to the impounding reservoir singing for the safe and sufficient water and the surrounding trees saying: "Rest assured! I will struggle against the clock to grow up tall and strong and it is my honor to defend the villagers' drinking water safety!"  


Trees planted to prevent landslides

Jili, the group leader of Gaguo Village where the reservoir is located, also arrived at the site and shared us the situation in the village. He said that with access to drinking water at villagers’ doorstep, they can get sufficient and clean water in short time and distance, so that they can spare more time for other chores and farm work, reduce safety risks and improve their income and work efficiency. And the herdsmen who kept the livestock have specially changed the hilltops for herding in order to protect the trees from being eaten by the sheep and cattle... Seeing the benefits of the project brought to the village, we are very happy and gratified for the support and cooperation of the villagers.


A villager washing clothes at home

About the Project:

In 2017, Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd. implemented the Liangshan Butuo Community Capacity Development Project through funding Chengdu HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Information Consulting Co., Ltd. by Yunnan Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation. The project is aimed to address water, health and sanitation issues together with the community, and focus on community capacity building and health knowledge publicity, as well as publicity on family nutrition knowledge.


The project is funded by Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and implemented jointly by Chengdu HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Information Consulting Co., Ltd. and Butuo County Women's Federation under the commission by Yunnan Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation.

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