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Humana People to People China, Community Development Project

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Project Background

Poverty is a multi-faceted phenomenon, there are many causes triggering poverty and thus many methods of solving the issue of poverty. Poor facilities and infrastructure is only part of the issue, we also need to recognize that people’s lack of confidence, awareness, skills and opportunities for development are also undermining factors. Furthermore, the lack of external support and organizational solidarity within the community can also hinder development.

HPP‘s Community Development project executes 10 lines of activities covering various aspects of everyday life, in order to holistically assist with the development of rural communities.  We are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the poor; we would like to see the poor families to achieve through their own efforts the increase of income, better livelihoods, better education for their children, and finally a healthy and hygienic living environment.

Our Work

The project aims to enable and empower people to become more skilled, knowledgeable and experienced, so that the community itself has capacity to resolve developmental challenges faced in areas of economics, society, politics and environment. A participatory approach is taken to further build and develop the capacity of the individual, the family and the entire community.

The project follows 10 lines of activities covering various aspects of daily life, and fulfilling the differing needs of all age groups within the community:

1. Strengthening the economy of the families.
2. Health including HIV/AIDS.
3. Preschools.
4. Children and Young People as active in the society.
5. Children in especially difficult circumstances.
6. Education.
7. Village Development.
8. Environment.
9. Two additional themes selected by the community itself

We take many different approaches and interventions to raise the standard of living in our project communities. For instance, to increase incomes through higher agricultural outputs, more effective management of natural resources, improvement of health and education provision, etc.  The project mobilizes members of the community to join forces in realising food security, water safety, better health and hygiene, a child-care system, financing of sustainable agriculture, etc.

One of the most prominent project results is seeing villagers becoming more active participants in community building. They all become members of “community development groups” and work as a collective to increase incomes, improve living conditions and perfect village infrastructure.

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