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Hand in hand to build a better rural future!

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 ——Lipoid Foundation visited Preschools of the Future in Qiaojia County   

In 2020, Lipoid Foundation (Germany) Beijing Representative Office and Humana People to People(HPP) worked together to support 2 preschools in Laowu village and Anju village, Chongxi Town, Qiaojia County. In the past year, the project has been running smoothly and has achieved the expected effect after evaluation. In 2021, Lipoid Foundation (Germany) Beijing Representative Office decided to increase its support and continue to support another 2 new preschools while supporting the original 2 preschools. Up to now, Lipoid has supported 4 preschools in Qiaojia County, benefiting more than 90 children.


From September 23 to 24, 2020, accompanied by HPP officer Li Jiancai, Meng Weijun, Chief Representative of Lipoid Foundation (Germany) Beijing Representative Office and Wu Yijun, Project Manager, went to Qiaojia County to visit Laowu Village Preschool and Shaping Preschool in Chongxi Town, and ‘Pre-primary classes changd to preschools’ in Long Village and Mahong Village. The local project team and leaders of Chongxi Central Primary School and Shaping Village Primary School also participated in the visit.


Preschools started smoothly, wishing the children a promising future

On May 11, Shaping Preschool in Chongxi Town, Qiaojia County welcomed the visiting group. In the presence of everyone, the preschool held a class opening ceremony.

By the on-the-spot visit and the introduction of Buzi Yiri, the project leader, the visiting group learned about the hardware decoration and improvement, the allocation of toys and teaching aids, teacher training and other work of Shaping Preschool. In particular, with the strong support of the local education department, 40 children were recruited in the preschool on March 1 this year.

At the opening ceremony, Ma Zhengjun, Principal of Shaping Village Primary School, agreed that the project have changed the preschool from many aspects, including hardware facilities and teaching methods. The children love the present preschool where they can have fun every day.


Later, Meng Weijun, Chief Representative of Lipoid Foundation (Germany) Beijing Representative Office, expressed that he was very happy to attend the opening ceremony of Shaping preschool. Through field visiting, he found that although the preschool opened just in March this year, the classroom became more beautiful in a short time, and the children also had more playing and teaching aids. He expressed his gratitude to the project team and school leaders for their efforts.

All the delegates delivered speeches one after another on the theme of high-quality preschool education for rural children. Full of expectations and blessings, the opening ceremony of Shaping Preschool was successfully held, and Meng Weijun awarded the plaque to Ma Zhengjun, Principal of Shaping Primary School.


After the awarding, the children from preschool had wonderful performance for the visiting group.



Make concerted efforts to protect children, bring them a happy childhood

Laowu Village Preschool is also funded by Lipoid Foundation (German) Beijing Representative Office. Among the preschools, the junior class started on May 25 last year and the senior class started on March 1, 2021. After visiting the Laowu Village Preschool's environment layout and watching the teaching demonstration, the visiting group gave a positive evaluation on the current situation of the preschool and teachers' teaching ability.

Under the organization of preschool teachers and school leaders, the visiting group also participated in the parents' meeting of preschool to communicate with parents face to face. It is understood that the standard tuition fee of each preschool is 700 Yuan for each child per year, which will be paid by the center school to the local finance bureau, and then spent for the preschool by paying teachers' salaries, student insurance and other means. Parents support and trust the preschool very much. One of the grannies said that her grandson entered the preschool in September last year. He was very active in going to the preschool every day. When he got home, he ate by himself and took the initiative to help with the cleaning. 


Li Jiancai, an HPP officer also took this opportunity to introduce at the parents' meeting that the age of 3 to 6 is a critical stage for child development. The teaching at this stage is dominated by games, which aims to cultivate children's good health habits, and guides children to explore and recognize society. Children come to preschool not to learn pinyin and numbers every day. Humana People to People Preschool of The Future has always advocated game-based teaching in the way of games to provide children with a happy childhood.


When the team visited the homes of students, many parents reflected that the preschool is getting better and better, and there is no need to send the children to the city any more. The cost of kindergartens in the city is high, and it will take too much time. Now the preschool in the village is as good as those in the city. So, they will choose to send their children to the preschool.


Visit preschools changed from pre-primary classes and support more rural children

Besides visiting preschools covered by the project, the team also visited the preschools changed from pre-primary classes in Mahong Village and Long Village of Chongxi Town.

Mahong Preschool in Chongxi Town with current 24 children is attached to the primary school.. According to Headmaster Zhang of Mahong Village Primary School, there are about 120 children aged 3-6 years old in the village. Because of the scattered living, some students' homes are 5-6 kilometers away from the school. The children enrolled in the preschool are about 5-6 years old, who live relatively close to the school.



Mr. Zhao, the principal of Longcun Primary School, introduced that there are 26 children in the preschool, and the preschool teacher is a 56-year-old substitute teacher. Since everyone in the village lives scattered and far away, the preschool class starts at 10:30 in the morning and ends at 16:00 in the afternoon. In addition, Children in preschool classes don't have lunch at school, because "Changing pre-primary classes to preschools" doesn't belong to the 9-year compulsory education. Usually, children almost don't eat when they come to preschool until they leave school.



After visiting two preschools of "Changing pre-primary classes to preschools", the visiting team learned that there is a great demand for preschool education in remote rural areas, especially for high-quality preschool education. Therefore, when talking with the leaders of Long Village Primary School, Mr. Meng Weijun said that he came to visit temporarily, mainly aiming to understand the local needs, and strive for better services for the children in mountainous areas. He also hoped to continue to cooperate with HPP to support more preschools in Qiaojia County in the future.


Let's join hands to protect more children in remote rural areas for their blooming future and hope in this land.


Project introduction:

Funded by Germany Lipoid Foundation, “HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE’s Preschools of The Future in Anju and Laowu Village of Qiaojia County” is implemented in cooperation with the Federation for Associations connected to the International HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Office and the Yunnan Youth Development Foundation.

The project takes pre-school education as the breakthrough point, to establish standardized preschools in poor rural areas. The project renovates and decorates idle rooms in the village and uses them as classrooms to provide a safe and comfortable learning and playing environment for children. The curriculum focuses on the knowledge of nature, animals, nutrition and health, as well as how to express themselves through art and music, so that preschool-age children living in rural areas can also get all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique and arts. Enrolling children aged 3-6 in classes with different ages, the project starts from two modules: teaching hardware upgrade and teacher development. At the same time, the project supervises and manages the daily operation of the preschool, assists teachers in training parents, creates a safe and healthy learning and living environment for those children, allows them to enjoy a quality pre-school education, enables them to obtain diversified opportunities for healthy growth, and make full preparations for entering primary school.


The article only represents the author's personal views, and is not related to the funder.

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